Activity #2

Guiding Question: What is culture?



Students will learn about different cultures by using Skype to connect with classrooms around the world.
  1. Students will work in groups to develop a survey of questions to help the students learn about new cultures in Google Forms or Survey Monkey.
  2. Students will Skype into classrooms, from around the world, and ask their questions to the teacher and students. (teacher will first model this procedure)Students will answer their own survey and compare their answers to the answers from their Skype ( interviews.
  3. Students will create a class wiki, a voice thread or video to answer the guiding question and will incorporate all their resources into that project.
  4. Students will be assessed on the connections they made with their own culture and to their global partners that they surveyed using authentic assessment.
  • Computers and an online connection
  • Survey sheets
  • Google Forms
  • Survey Monkey